Iris Aggrey Orleans Esq, the lawyer who fought for Odartey Lamptey

Lawyer of Odartey Lamptey
Odartey Lamptey and Iris

Following his divorce from Gloria Appiah Lamptey, Ghanaian football legend Nii Odartey Lamptey has been trending on social media for the past week.

Odartey Lamptey was able to reclaim his East Legon mansion from his ex-wife, who refused to relocate to Dome Kwabenya, following a seven-year legal fight.

We provide you the information about Iris Aggrey Orleans Esq., the lawyer who fought for Odartey Lamptey’s property in court.

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From the beginning until the finish of the lawsuit, she represented Odartey Lamptey.

Aggrey, Iris Not only in the current Odartey Lamptey divorce case, but also in large divorce settlements, probate & administration, and adoption matters, Orleans is a go-to family law attorney who has represented several high-profile personalities in large divorce settlements, probate & administration, and adoption matters.

Iris Aggrey Orleans has a BSc Psychology degree and an LLB from Ghana, as well as an LLM from the University of California, Berkeley, according to our research.

She was admitted to the Ghana Bar in 2010 and claims to be passionate about litigation and alternative dispute resolution on her official website. In addition, she has represented clients in transnational parental abduction cases involving Ghana and the United States.

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Iris has provided legal counsel to a variety of businesses in areas such as labor law, real estate and property acquisition, shareholder conflicts, commercial transactions, and corporate governance.

She is also personally involved in the firm’s management and all of its customer portfolios. Education Iris received her Master of Laws in Commercial Law from the University of California at Berkeley in 2014.

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