Islamic teacher arrested for raping eight students

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On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, Justice Abiola Soladoye of Nigeria’s Ikeja Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences Court in Lagos State condemned Adam Farouk, an Islamic teacher in Lagos, after finding him guilty of defiling several times. claims that between November 2018 and February 2019 on Balogun Street, Parkview Estate, in the state’s Ikoyi region, the convict defiled the students, who were aged six to eleven.

After his detention, the Lagos State Government charged him with eight counts of sexual assault.

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According to Justice Soladoye, the prosecution team established Farouk’s guilt on all eight counts of sexual penetration assault beyond a reasonable doubt.

The consistency and conduct of every victim in their stories, she said, demonstrated that the prisoner had in fact harmed them.

The demeanour of the defendant is nothing to write home about; his stony face appears mischievous; he is extremely unkind and ruthless, fingering his students with his index fingers.

“He is meant to teach his students morals, discipline and values, but alas, the reverse is the case,” she bemoaned.

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The young people recognised the prisoner as their teacher who had used his index fingers to poke about in their intimate areas. As he violated each student in turn, he instructed the students to turn around.

Justice Soladoye referred to him as a morally perverted man and a shame to his faith because he could not think that anyone other than a Muslim instructor, in whose care the kids were placed, could have treated them in such a callous way.

“What an Islamic teacher, who took undue advantage of poor students in Islam and messed around with their purity and dignity.

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“The dignity and safety of our students must be cherished. Dirty Islamic teacher of his kind must be locked away and made to pay for his dirty sexual indiscretions,” the disappointed judge said while delivering the life sentence on Farouk.

She pleaded with the Lagos State Government to monitor all of the schools under its control closely in order to prevent dishonest sexual predators from posing as teachers and preying on defenceless youngsters.

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