It’s not a sin if you abandon fasting and prayers for sex – Marriage counselor

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Reverend Daniel Y. Donkor, the Head Pastor of the Royal Believers Ministry, has disclosed that while sex is God’s creation, mankind is responsible for the changes that have led to the emergence of numerous styles in recent years.

On Okay Fm in Accra, the renowned Marriage Counselor and Motivational Speaker enquired how men were able to discover diverse sex methods such as ‘Doggy and Apple and Juice.’

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“Who created sex? God created sex but who taught human beings how to have sexual intercourse? Sexual intercourse itself is the creation of human beings. Who brought Doggy style? Who discovered the apple and juice sex style? The person who brought about the apple and juice style birthing licking ought to explain his or her reason for that. Because using the tongue was not part of the original sex we know so the one who discovered it is the best person to explain his or her motivation”, he stressed.

Tameca Harris-Jackson, Ph.D., LCSW, a certified sex educator, sex therapist, and founder of Hope and Serenity Health Services, a counseling center in Altamont Springs, Florida is quoted to have said “Trying different sex positions actually offers an opportunity to bring different ways of experiencing pleasure into sexual intimacy and a sexual relationship,” Harris-Jackson says. “You can eat the same meal every day for 20 years but it doesn’t mean you’re going to get the most joy out of it. You’re just getting the nutrients. But if you try to add a little bit of parsley to that meal, you might taste it in a different way and it might become a more exciting meal. And that’s what having new positions in a relationship can do.”


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