I’ve never borrowed money in my life – Cheddar


Entrepreneur and millionaire Freedom Jacob Caesar, better known by his stage name Cheddar, admitted that he had never in his life borrowed money.

He claims that whenever he was in need of money for investments, he always looked for an alternative because borrowing wasn’t an option for him.

The millionaire continued, saying that the only time he had borrowed money was when he had applied for a loan from the World Bank for his personal belongings rather than for his businesses.

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In an interview with UK-based real estate coach Samuel Leeds, he disclosed that the World Bank loan was intended to raise his reputation so that other banks around the world would be aware of him.

He mentioned: “I have never borrowed money except from the world bank. I just went there to borrow money because I wanted their badge, I wanted if any bank or financial institution checks on my track records of developments and things that I have done, at least the World Bank has worked with me. That’s all I wanted”

On how he funded his investments, he had this to say, “but from the beginning I’ve always used crowdfunding, I have used the things that I sell a house then I turn it into two, I turned it into four and I risk it for a JV that I do more then I sell, then I turn around the I turn around“.

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