Jay Bhad shows off his newly acquired Toyota Rav4

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Jay Bhad, a young rapper from Ghana who is a part of the Asakaa Music Group, has excitedly posted pictures of his brand-new automobile on the internet.

The joyful performer exclaimed “I’ve acquired a new car” in Twi and drove around in the opulent toy in this new touching video, beaming with grins and delight.

The Kumasi-based musician was elegantly attired in a thick black jacket that complemented the Rav4’s shiny black exterior. He showed off the bike to a bunch of boys who had gathered and were admiring him.

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A quick google search reveals that Jay Bhad’s new automobile, a 2020 Toyota Rav 4, costs $30,000, which is comparable to Ghc 360,000.

Fans of Jay Bhad who have seen the video are congratulating him on his new big-boy acquisition.

Watch the video below:

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