Jessica Saforo reacts to Shatta wale’s tweet about marrying her

The talented presenter Jessica Saforo responded to dancehall musician Shatta Wale’s playful tweet about his crush on her.

The musician said on Twitter that he was in love with the woman who speaks on Ghana’s MTN’s automated answering machine.

Wale claims that when he phones other people, he enjoys hearing the well-known voice on the phone. He even went so far as to express his desire to wed the person who spoke in that calming way.

“How old is the woman who has been speaking on my #MTN phone while I’m on the phone? I want to marry her.”

Shatta Wale tweeted, “She can talk”.

After being tagged numerous times by people who recognize Jessica Opare Saforo as the voice-over artist on social media, Shatta’s post caught Jessica Opare Saforo’s eye.

The media personality reacted by saying ”errrmmm” in a retweet of her admirer’s post on Sunday.

Checkout her tweet below:

The voice ambassador for MTN is Jessica Opare Saforo, and you may hear her voice on a few of the automated voice notifications at the other end of the connection.

This was revealed by the YouTuber and media personality in one of her videos on the platform.

She claims to have said, “The number you’ve contacted cannot be reached at this time. Either the mobile device has been turned off or is beyond the service region.

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Jessica Saforo also admitted that she is the person who says, “You have one minute left,” in the voice.

Her disclosure was met with amazement from a large number of social media users as well as phone users, of course.

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