Kofi Kinaata: “Seeing my photos at a shrine doesn’t mean I go there”

Martin King Arthur, also known as, Kofi Kinaata is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter who has said that just because you see a photo of him with a priest at a shrine doesn’t mean he actually went there.

The numerous award-winning artist claims that he is one of the Ghanaian artists who is beloved by every Ghanaian, which makes him immensely happy to have one of the largest fan bases and followings in the nation.

The singer of the hit song “Things Fall Apart” recalled how a friend first saw the image while visiting a shrine with a priest in a recent interview with Accra Fm.

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He claims that the priest, who is a fan, asked for a picture, which ended up in his shrine. He claims that this does not bother him because he values his fans more than anything else.

The musician admitted that he frequently takes photos of individuals and has no control over what they do with those photos.

Speaking in that regard, the singer used the chance to caution his fans not to fall for a particular advertisement that features his face.

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The musician has always been extremely grateful to his fans because, in his opinion, it is they that stream his music, help him secure ambassadorial endorsements, pay to attend his concerts, and hang out with him every day.

Kofi Kinaata Kofi Kinaata

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