Kuami Eugene flaunts his new look on social media(Photos)

Kuami Eugene‘s sudden change in form and appearance  stunned netizens. The once-tall man now had a round face and appeared slightly obese.

Kuami Eugene has become well-known online as a result of people talking about his new appearance, as would be predicted given social media norms.

Some said that Mary, his caretaker, and her rich meals were to blame for the singer’s weight gain.

Another photo of Eugene has surfaced online, highlighting the primary aspect of his current appearance. Kuami Eugene confessed that his money was the cause of his outward appearance of contentment.

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On social media, he captioned it with the phrase “Money makes a man.” The picture showed him with two expensive sports cars parked behind him, standing close to them.

This demonstrates Eugene’s success despite no longer being bound by Lynx Entertainment and having joined a different record label.

Checkout the post he made on his instagram page below;

An instagram post made by Kuami Eugene

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