Ladies who are not virgins carry curses – Mr Logic claims

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When a man is prepared for marriage, according to Mr. Logic, he should be sure to wed a virgin—a woman who is pure and faultless.

He says that getting married to non-virgins prevents the benefits from coming and undermines the efforts of the union to thrive spiritually.

In a conversation, Mr. Logic claimed that the spiritual importance of marrying a virgin secures the man’s prosperity and opens doors of benefits.

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Indirectly, he noted, men are no longer marrying virgins like their forefathers did, which causes a number of marital issues and is the reason marriages are failing.

He asserts that in order to achieve marital bliss, every man who is prepared to get married must heed the spiritual command to wed a virgin and make sure she remains undisturbed.

“If possible, men must marry virgins. Marriages to non-virgins do not experience success; the chances are slim. Encourage your sons to marry virgins. The ancestors are pleased with you when you marry a virgin because they are holy and pure,” he said.

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According to Mr. Logic, non-virgins have spiritual barriers depending on how many persons they have had connections with in the past.

He asserted that these women would continue to assess their husbands’ suitability for continuation of the marriage by comparing them to their former relationships.

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