Lady accused Twist night club bouncers of attacking her


His harsh treatment in a nightclub in Ghana outraged a Kenyan lady, who vented her anger on social media.

Stacy Thiru, who was slapped and had blood gushing from her nose as a result, resorted to social media to ask for sympathy and denounce the nightclub.

She claims that when she visited Accra’s renowned Twist Nightclub, a bouncer approached her and assaulted her despite the fact that she had done nothing wrong.

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Stacy urged travelers visiting Ghana not to go the Twist Nightclub in a series of tweets. She continued by posting pictures of her medical care.

Stacy wrote:

This is so embarrassing but it is what it is, don’t go to Twist night club is ghana. it’s not fun and the bouncers are extremely abusive. this isn’t the first time i’ve experienced it at that club but it’s definitely my last. 

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When Stacy was asked why she was ill-treated, she explained:

My friend’s cousin has never gone out so our plan was to get him a fit and take him out, the club we went to didn’t like his outfit, i was explaining that he’s fly & they weren’t having it so i went to find a new club on my phone and a slap came from God know where

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Stacy has been criticized for lying in the interim. She was allegedly slapped after being instructed not to record other people’s intimate moments, according to eyewitnesses.

One Eagle Umbrella, who allegedly witnessed what happened while present at the Twist Nightclub, wrote:

You’re lying I was at the twist entrance when this happened. You were filming random people and someone slapped you for recording him without his permission after warning you several times to stop. He wasn’t a bouncer he was entering with his people. Shame on you liar

I’m really scared of some women to what extent they will go to Cook stories up. African tourists need comport their selves when they are in ghana. You’re not even the target market. Shame on you.

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Some snap chatters also called out Stacy for painting a different picture of what actually happened and how her actions triggered the confrontation…

Meanwhile, Stacy has insisted that she was attacked and has maintained that visitors boycott the Twist Nightclub.

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