Lady disgraces boyfriend in public after he proposed to her with a brand new car

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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A Nigerian guy experienced the worst shame of his life after paying for rent, school fees, and capping it off with a brand-new automobile when his girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal.

The lady apparently has a serious partner and was only putting up with the wealthy man because of his wealth and the comfortable lifestyle he offers her.

Some women are just nasty and the definition of the word “parasites.” When you already know that you won’t get married to someone, how can you happily spend their money?

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Some men, however, are also the primary causes of their own issues. A girl is interested in you or your money, and you don’t need a seer to tell you that.

Watch the video below;

Check out some comments below:

Sholzy23: “She get another boyfriend. This guy just won spoil market for her, nonsense boy”

Mceetwinko: “God bless her and her mindset, pls madarm know am well before anything oh, this days both man and woman get as e be so na Brain Brain ? oga you let her know you before you dey buy Jeep ? too much money ? Asiwaju”

Moren_morgan: “If na me I no go gree cause 1 month relationship, definitely the guy de chase clout ni cause wtf, how sure am I pe he won’t collect the car if we later break up”

Cici_nita: “But she can just accept in the public And return the ring to him in private Instead of embarrassing him like this”

Tinukevibes: “na bf i dey find for this comment section”

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