Lady fasts for 1-year straight for husband’s financial turnaround

Ivy Jacinta
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A lady has got social media buzzing after revealing that she fasted for a whole year just for her then boyfriend now husband to get a financial turnaround.

The young woman, who had been fasting and praying nonstop for a full year, posted a series of pictures on Tiktok showing how her and her lover’s life changed.

But her unwavering dedication led to a series of extraordinary events that profoundly altered her life.

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The pair found an overseas job after their prolonged fast, which allowed them to work in Nigeria and receive payment in US dollars.

After that, they moved into a fancy four-bedroom flat with success, and the boyfriend—who was now married—became the owner of the property quite quickly.

After reaching financial security, the pair got married.

On their wedding day, the husband gave his bride an automobile as a token of his appreciation and affection.

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See the photos below:

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