Legon girl drops list of men she has infected with HIV on social media

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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Hook-up seems to be the only way of survival for most ladies in the country these days based on the fact that they claim the country is hard.

Gone were those days when ladies are shy to come out about the people they have sex with publicly but this time everything is on social media.

It no longer a shock when you chance on some stories on social media of ladies openly confessing about their sexual escapades.

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Well, in a new development a level 300 lady from Legon who is a hook-up lady has mentioned and shared the list of persons she has allegedly slept with.

Not just that, she mentioned that she has also infected the people with STD’s and we wonder why people wouldn’t use protection when going to have sex with ladies who do hook-up as a means of survival.

According to the lady whose identity is unknown she doesn’t know how she got infected with the virus but only found out after going for check up recently.

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Though she never mentioned the real reason why she is dropping the list but added their locations probably to get those people to also run to the nearest hospital for check up their status.

Take a look at the screenshots below to know more…

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