Maame Serwaa and her boyfriend hang out in Dubai

Maame Serwaa and her boyfriend hang out in Dubai

Only a year after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Maame Serwaa is back in another man’s arms.

Maame Serwaa could be seen chilling in a Lamborghini with her new partner in a Snapchat video.

The person who gave her a birthday surprise with a cake and some money some weeks ago as been identified as her new boyfriend.

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Remember how Maame Serwaa and Mark, her longtime partner, ended their relationship two years ago?

Despite being a celebrity, Maame Serwaa did her best to keep her relationship off social media in order to avoid problems.

During the height of their affair, the young lovers even got matching tattoos, but sadly, they were unable to maintain the pace required to maintain a relationship for years.

Despite the fact that neither Maame Serwaa nor Mark have publicly confirmed their breakup, they have both unfollowed one another on Instagram.

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Additionally, Maame Serwaa declined to wish Mark a happy birthday, which was extremely rare of her.

Watch the video below:

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