Man allegedly goes broke after a lavish wedding

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A young Nigerian man revealed to be a young millionaire has gone completely broke after he spent a chunk of his money on a lavish wedding.

He opened up about the greatest mistake he made in his life in an interview with journalist, Lucky Udu.

The young man disclosed that he ran an e-commerce business and used to earn millions of Naira monthly.

However, things took a different turn when friends decided to invest and he used a huge money from his business to fund his wedding.

The ex-millionaire said his business was booming to the extent that friends were interested and they decided to invest their money.

Unfortunately, after they invested, things began to go bad as his business started collapsing gradually, however, because he had already set a date for his wedding, he chose not to cancel.

He could not pay off the people he owed, but he was optimistic that the business would pick up, so he went ahead and used the money left from his business to fund the lavish wedding.

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He thought all losses would be recovered after the wedding but he was wrong but that was a wrong perception.

The turn of events that occurred made him go broke and into severe debt and he struggled to get back on his feet.

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