Police grabs man for stealing girlfriend shoes for his sidechic

Ryan Man

Ryan Lusalishi, a Kenyan man, has been detained and accused in court of robbing his fiancée of her luxury shoes and giving them to his sidekick.

According to accounts, Ryan not only stole his girlfriend’s pricey laptop but also her expensive shoes.

Because Ryan broke into her room without her knowledge, his girlfriend Elizabeth Okumu called the police and reported the theft case.

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Lusalishi is also accused of carrying allegedly stolen property in violation of section 323 of the penal code, according to Nairobi News.

“He is accused of having a bag and a pair of shoes reasonably suspected to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained at the time of his arrest.

“Upon returning from work, Okumu discovered some of her personal effects had been misplaced, thus arousing her curiosity. She established that her laptop, a pair of shoes, a bag and a Kenya Commercial Bank ATM card were missing. Okumu went ahead and reported the matter to the police who immediately began their investigations

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“The man’s second girlfriend informed the police that he had returned home with the items. He was apprehended and the bag and the shoes were recovered from his house.”

Ryan will reportedly appear in court once more on January 31, 2023, but the hearing won’t start until May 22.

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