Man assaults Pastor for preaching against idol worship

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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A street preacher received some beatings on the street for preaching against idol worshipping.

In the video sighted on social media, the preacher together with his assistant preacher where seen preaching the word of God on the street.

Few minutes into the video, the main preacher who is a young guy started preaching against worshipping of idols asking those involved to stop and start following Christ.

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This act infuriated another young man who approached the preacher and questioned why he was speaking against idol worshipping.

Without waiting for the preacher to even explain himself, he started slapping the preacher while the other preacher just looked on.

The attacker was heard asking when the preacher grew and knew that idol worshipping was a bad practice.

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The preacher at a point had to run from him but the attacker managed to give him more slaps.

Watch the video below:

Some people have started calling on the Ghana Police to find and arrest the attacker.


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