Man breaks up with girlfriend over punctuation marks

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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Because of her terrible punctuation, a Facebook user has chosen to discontinue his relationship with a woman he met there.

He vented his displeasure in a now-viral Facebook post.

Itodo, a teacher, claimed he was unable to put up with his girlfriend’s improper use of syntax and punctuation.

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He posted: “I know I just met this babe but I can’t do this anymore. Three days of chatting and she has not used a single comma, full stop, or even question mark! She will just say “Have you eaten”. What is that? Are you asking a question or telling me something!? Am I asking for too much? I am not even saying you should use anything fancy like a semi colon, hyphen, or exclamation mark! And apart from lagos all states in Nigeria are proper nouns! What is abuja?”

See the post below:

Pope Itodo post
Pope Itodo post

Numerous Facebook users have responded to and commented on his post in their thousands.

Some of them agreed with his choice and said that they admired partners who used proper punctuation.

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Others advised him to pay more attention to other facets of his girlfriend’s personality and pointed out that punctuation was not a major problem.

Others, however, claimed that individuals had more important matters to attend to and that punctuation was not a top priority.

They claimed that punctuation was unnecessary for interactions that take place on a daily basis and that individuals could communicate without it.

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