Man returns from Spain to find out his mom and brothers squandered monies he sent them to build

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A man who has spent 15years of his life in Spain has been left in a state of shock and tears after finding out his mother and brothers have squandered his money.

According to the man, he has been working very hard and has sent some monies over to them to build a house for him so he could stay in that house when he returns someday.

The Twitter user who shared the story narrated that not only did the man send money for his personal house but also sent additional money for their family house as well.

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But upon his return, he was met with disappointment since none of the two homes have been built.

Check out the full story according to the Twitter user who shared it;

8.30am: A man is crying & screaming in Oregun, apparently he just came back from Spain & all the money he’s been sending to his people to build a house is no where to be found. He said he’s been gone for 15yrs and his mother & brothers have nothing to show him..

People are in traffic & foot soldiers have gathered , I had to roll down to see what’s going on. I haven’t seen a man cry this much, he said he feels naked and empty.. All his life savings gone, he sent them money to build his personal house and 4 flats so they can earn income.

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