Man shoots his girlfriend to death for infecting him with HIV

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There is no longer any love in the world. People now only interact for mutual advantage; the instant one loses their composure, the unthinkable occurs.

Currently, a narrative is popular on social media, particularly among WhatsApp users’ status updates.

In the accompanying tale and video, a man kills his lover because she infected him with HIV.

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The man and the woman (who was killed), it is said, had been dating for seven years and were set to get married right away until the woman did something that caused her unexpected death.

According to the narrative, the woman went out clubbing with her pals three years ago, and her boyfriend (a Man) was told that she had a long day and should go to bed.

She met a man at the club who she hardly knew. After conversing and partying for hours, the woman became severely inebriated and lost herself.

She was driven from the club to the man’s car where they engaged in sexual activity.

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After the encounter, the woman told her closest friend what had happened that evening.

According to the tale, the woman began experiencing sores around her genital area months after the sexual encounters.

She sought medical attention since the changes in her body alarmed her, and was informed that she is HIV positive.

She informed her best friend of her HIV status once more, but sadly, the friend was unable to keep it a secret and told the woman’s longtime partner.

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Since he had been having sex with her as well, the boyfriend was encouraged by the best friend to go and get tested for HIV. He unexpectedly tested positive.

The lover addressed the girlfriend (woman) about her situation after being alarmed by the medical findings. She initially disputed, but after repeated tries, she finally admitted it.

The man’s intentions included his boyfriend. After leaving for his home, he returned to the woman’s home and shot her repeatedly till she passed away.


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