Man threatens to sue girlfriend mother should she abort their unborn baby


A man identified as Mr Marvellous has written a letter to his girlfriend’s mother warning her about the consequences she would face if she goes ahead to terminate her unborn baby. 

We are all aware of the fact that some parents tend to terminate their daughters pregnancy for them when they believe their daughter is young or feel their daughter’s pregnancy would bring shame to them.

But in the case of Mr Marvellous, he is not ready to have that done to him and has asked his lawyers to write to the mother of his girlfriend telling her about the risk involved should she harbour any intent of terminating the pregnancy.

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According to a source, Mr Marvellous revealed that he was in his store when his girlfriend of six months came to him and informed him that she was pregnant.

Wanting to be sure about the whole thing, he went with her to the hospital where it was confirmed that she was indeed a month pregnant.

In his letter to his girlfriend’s mother, he stated that he is ready to be a father and take care of the baby so they shouldn’t think of aborting the baby.

Part of the letter reads:

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“Our client informed us that on 8th December, 2022 your daughter came to his store to inform him of her position and in other for him to verify for himself, they both went for a medical test, wherein they were told she was one month pregnant, so our client has directed us to write you that he is ready to father his baby with any let.

“Take notice if the baby is terminated, we have our client’s instruction to petition you to commissioner of police and sue you in the court of law. TAKE WARNING”.

See Photo of the letter below:


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