I’ll never marry – Highlife musician Dada KD

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Dada Kweku Duah, popularly known as Dada KD, a contemporary highlife musician, has indicated why he will never engage or marry a lady.

Because the musician does not view marriage like others do, he has stated that he will never marry and has no plans to do so in the near future.

Dada KD remarked on Happy 98.9FM’s ‘Nsem Pii’ show, “I regard the ring as a small shackle and once you wear it, you’re confined on how you live your life.”

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He revealed that there are some values he wishes to live by alone and believes that marriage will prevent him from doing so.

“I see marriage as an institution we have been tricked into believing and influenced to follow, specifically the counseling organized for the couple before they marry,” he said.

He stated that he did not understand the value of premarital counseling.

“I believe you can decide on whom you want to marry by the behavior and character of the person. So if you can’t deal with these two then you should move on,” he said.

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He claimed that many individuals have died as result of being forced into marriage as well as marrying the wrong person, which is something he does not want to go through.

“I want to live a peaceful life and enjoy myself to the fullest so I will not get married,” he noted.


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