I can’t marry a men who earns Ghc 1,800 a month – Lady


In a video shared by TikToker with the username @kikiotolu, a stunning  woman revealed the class of a salaried workers she would never think of getting married and starting a family with. 

The lady said she could not fathom why a man making that amount would think about getting married with his   GH1,800 (about 70K Naira) each month adding that the said amount isn’t enough money to support the relationship.

The lady claimed that she also makes the same amount of money as a monthly salary and therefore understands what GHc1,800 can do and cannot do.

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She was asked if she could marry a man who earns that amount a month and she shouted ‘NO’.

Watch the video below:


Is Seventy Thousand Monthly Salary too small?🥹

♬ original sound – Tolulope Ayeni (Kikio)

Read some comment below:

SirVin❤️💕: “Her papa na security in first bank, now she’s forming, thunder fire u there”

Blessing: “my hubby earn 70k per month with two kids, since oluwa is involved,🙏🙏🙏”

Trav_scott: “You will see a fine girl and you will think they have sense immediate they open their mouth it’s over 😅💔”

Augustineokegbe: “what a myopic mentality…always judging the book by its cover is wrong…”

Ahmad: “Baby you are right, because for this moment were we day so 70k no be anything.”

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