I’ll never marry a yahoo boy – Slay Queen


A slay queen has revealed that never in her life would she get married to a scammer aka Yahoo boy and questions why ladies would go in for such men. 

According to the lady, she is yet to understand what is so special with Yahoo boys that ladies would prefer them over responsible men.

The slay queen explained that how would a yahoo boy be able to raise a kid talk more of guiding the baby to be someone better in future.

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In a video available and sighted on social media, she made her point clear by asking how a yahoo boy would be able to discipline their child to stop stealing when he the dad is busy scamming people using his computer.

She went on to ask why ladies would even agree to marry a guy that smokes and have tattoos all over his body.

The unidentified slay queen advised that its high time the ladies start think about their future rather than thinking about money.

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Watch the video below:

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