Meet Elizabeth Amoa – the lady with two vaginal canals, cervixes and wombs

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A UK-based Ghanaian woman has opened up about a rare health condition of living with two vaginal canals, two cervixes, and two wombs.

Elizabeth Amoa claimed that after numerous scans, a skilled physician diagnosed her problem when she was 33 years old.

In an interview with blogger Zionfelix, Mrs. Amoah—who was born with the anomaly—discussed her intricate reproductive system in more detail.

“A vagina is the term used to describe the opening where a baby’s head emerges after birthing. Mine has been split in half. That divides it is made of flesh. I also have two wombs and two cervixes in addition to this.

Elizabeth Amoa
Mrs. Elizabeth Amoa and daughter

My vagina is distinct from the one found in a typical woman, which connects to the cervix and the womb. I first learned about it when I was about 33 years old.

Even scans were unable to identify it while I was pregnant with my first kid and living in the UK. If your doctor isn’t extremely experienced, it can be easily overlooked.

Only two of the more than 20 doctors I encountered were able to identify and treat my issue. Although there are gynecologists, not all of them are knowledgeable in congenital anomalies.

She continued by highlighting the numerous difficulties brought on by this disease.

I frequently become unwell as a result of this. I once had an ovarian cyst and stage 4 endometriosis.

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Additionally, renal disorders and a weakened immune system are both possible ailments.

The intriguing thing is that I might conceive again if I have intercourse while pregnant and the semen passes through the other empty womb.

“There’s this Bangladeshi woman who gave birth and then had a second child a month later. The babies won’t be twins with this kind of problem since they can’t link.

Additionally, I want to remove one womb, but it won’t be simple because I have stage 4 endometriosis, she continued.

Elizabeth, however, argued that she still finds her sexual life enjoyable despite having to deal with all of these.

“I can get pregnant in one womb and menstruate in both. Like any other human, I enjoy my sex life even when just one vagina is penetrated during intercourse, she continued.

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