Meet the Ghanaian lady who looks like Alicia Keys

Meet the Ghanaian lady who looks like Alicia Keys

A pretty Ghanaian woman who looks eerily like Alicia Keys has gained popularity for her exquisite dress.

In a popular video, the stunning woman with the voluptuous form looked stunning in a chic brocade dress.

On social media, Ghanaian fashion designer Lamah Denis posted a video of his customer getting dressed.

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The voluptuous woman smiled for the cameras while sporting long African braids and round loop earrings.

Watch the video below:

Check out comments below:

Oluwamayomikun_taiwo: I believe I’m not the only one who saw Alicia Keys at first! So beautiful your work

0duraa: For a second, I thought she was Alicia Keys

Estherirawo: Why am I seeing Alicia Keys?

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