Men are chasing me with marriage proposals – Diana Asamoah

Men are chasing me with marriage proposals - Diana Asamoah

Ghanaian Gospel musician Diana Asamoah has disclosed that a lot of men are in her way worrying her with love and marriage proposals.

In her words, she mentioned that she is too focused and busy winning souls for Christ and not ready to enter into any relationship with any man.

Speaking during an interview, she mentioned that her purpose in life is to be an evangelist and a gospel musician adding that that is what she is now doing and doesn’t want divided attention.

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The well-known gospel music phenomenon highlighted that she places a high value on her job and her faith, and that this approach has helped her stay true to her purpose and message as a gospel musician.

“I’m approached by so many men who want to enter my life, but I say no because I want to concentrate on my ministry,” the woman said.

Diana went on to say that she intends to wait for divine confirmation before getting hitched or starting a family.

Watch the video below:

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