Metallic hangers used to commit abortion in SHS by ladies

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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An anonymous person has shared on social media how ladies in the senior high school are able to commit abortions using metallic cloth hangers.

We are all aware of of some styles by which ladies commit abortions but never has it occurred to us that a hanger which we use to hang our shirt is also another way by which ladies commit abortion.

A current revelation which is currently making waves on social media details how SHS girls have employed very fascinating ways to destroy unwanted pregnancies.

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According to the woman who posted this embarrassing tidbit on social media, the women either use a lighter or a fire in the kitchen to sanitize the hanger’s neck.

They first sterilize the hanger’s neck and pointed side before inserting it into their vaginas like a dildo and twisting it to force the fetus to exit the mother’s womb.

The junior students are required to lend part of their pads to their senior who is bleeding because the women who utilize this method occasionally bleed significantly.

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The unfortunate ones also lose their lives through the process which has been nicknamed “Go To Hell”.

Read the screenshots below to know more…

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