Michy feeds her fans with an adorable throwback picture of herself

Ghanaian singer Michy went through her photo albums and pulled out one from her Junior High School days.

The picture depicts a young Michy wedged between two men.

Michy appeared essentially the same as she does now, only younger and, naturally, with some body parts that had not yet had surgery.

The Labone SDA school’s banner in the backdrop of the photograph clearly shows where Michy attended junior high school.

“A little retro don’t harm nobody,” she wrote in the description of the Instagram photo she published, “JSS diary.”

A throwback photo of Michy

Throwback images frequently evoke nostalgia, therefore Michy’s comments caused a lot of people to reminisce.

“My sister and you were in the same class”.

You’ve always been a gorgeous girl, one user commented on the internet.

“U change oo, but still u fine,” said another.

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