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WhatsApp for Business has been a fantastic free mobile and web application for all businessmen and women out there.

Having a WhatsApp Business account means creating a smooth buying and selling experience, whether it’s saving time or providing personalised responses to clients.

WhatsApp Business, when combined with the WhatsApp chatbot, is a very powerful tool for commerce.

WhatsApp is becoming a great retail place, especially during remote times, thanks to many new features that the platform is constantly releasing.

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Today, we’ll look at some of the best features of WhatsApp for Business that you can use.

  • Owning a business profile with all the details.

With WhatsApp Web, you can now make all the requisite business details such as your office or shop adddress, contact information including official e-mail address and official website to your customers seamlessly. Since its very inception, WhatsApp Business has been helping countless brands to garner customer base by giving your brand an identity. In addition to that, you can gain customer loyalty by having a “verified badge”next to your business profile, once WhatsApp verifies it.

  • Greet automatically.

Making a customer stick to your brand can be much easier if you greet your customers nicely.

WhatsApp for Business enables you to create a greeting message that users will receive when they start a dialog with your company or after 14 days of inactivity. By sending an instant message, you welcome and introduce a company to a new potential customer with no delays and waiting time.

  • Be there for your customers virtually. Reply at the earliest.

In surplus to automatic greetings, WhatsApp Web enables a business to be there for their customers virtually even when they are physically apart. Message templates are available at your disposal for FAQs. This helps you in saving time and putting a good impression on the customer. Simply press the “/” on your keyboard to select a quick reply and send.

  • Send away messages seamlessly.

What to do if a customer contacts you after the working hours? If you leave customers unattended, then you may lose them. Hang on! WhatsApp for Business is there to help you out.

All you need to do is set the default “away message” for non-working hours and WhatsApp will send them to such customers. You can also write a custom message or send your working hours.

  • Now, categorize your contacts in a hassle-free manner.

Running a business can involve solid networking and tons of contacts. Organizing them on the basis of categories or labels can be a daunting task but with WhatsApp for Business, this isn’t the case. Businesses can now organize their contacts and categorize them with labels for easy access. This way, you can easily search through your contacts and keep them grouped and organized.

  • Get a clear picture of conversions with message statistics.

WhatsApp for Business lets you access vital metrics like how many of your messages were sent, delivered, and read.

  • Now, showcase your products with grace.

One of the most popular features of WhatsApp for Business is that of “Catalogs”. Catalogs allow your company to showcase your goods so people could easily browse and check out products they are interested in and would like to buy. With catalogs, you don’t need to send every item, price, and description one by one as you used to do before. Now, it is all conveniently grouped on your WhatsApp page, and you don’t have to redirect your customers to the website or elsewhere. For each item in your catalog, you can add information, including price, description, and product code. This is so much easier for your customers than having to ask you about each item separately or go from WhatsApp to the website.

ADD-ON FEATURE: Collections

In October 2021, WhatsApp added Collections to make shopping even easier. They will act as folders to group items inside a business account. Users can navigate to the category they’re looking for right away without scrolling through the whole product list. Once added, you’re free to modify the Collection just like items to keep the information up to date.

  • Tap on interactive buttons for better customer engagement!

WhatsApp for Business comes with two different buttons that can boost customer engagement. These are:

  • CTA

If you want the customer to visit a particular website or connect with you on call, then this is the button for you.

  • Quick reply

Answering mannually can be exhausting. This brings quick replies into the picture. Make predefined options availble to the customer and give them a better way of expressing what sort of services they want from your business.

ADD-ON FEATURE: List Messages and Reply Buttons

In addition to the aforementioned button, in June 2021, WhatsApp had announced the new formats of interactive messages coming to their platform. These are as follows:

  • List Messages 

New list messages allow adding up to 10 options, so people could just click on the desired option instead of manually typing that out. This type of message offers a easier and more consistent way for users to select when interacting with a business.

  • Reply Buttons

Reply buttons allow customers to quickly choose from up to three options by simply tapping on the desired option. This type of message offers a quicker way for users to select from a menu when interacting with a business.

With this info. well fed, I guess we could definitely get to use our WhatsApp Business so easy. What do you think about this write-up, kindly leave a comment behind.

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