Moesha Boduong gives fans free show

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Controversial Moesha Boduong, a Ghanaian actress and attention-seeker, has devolved once more.

In a recent video that she posted on social media, Moesha was seen dancing sensually while exposing her knickers, which caught the attention of her followers.

It is very evident that Moesha has lost her relevance, thus she is doing all necessary steps to maintain it on social media.

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Moesha Boduong made a hint a few weeks ago that she would get surgery to correct her face.

Moesha admitted in a self-made video that she was sick of continually putting filters in her photos.

To look lovely and beautiful once more, Moesha stated that she wanted to get plastic surgery. It was impossible to perceive her inherent beauty because of the black stains all over her face.

Her fingers had been partially bleached, as was evident from a closer glance at the footage. Her fingers appeared to be lighter overall than her knuckles.

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When she went under the knife to fix her face, her devoted admirers persuaded her to also fix her skin.

Moesha continued by warning women about the drawbacks of plastic surgery. She disclosed that the technique was addicting and that anyone considering it should be informed of the risks.

Watch the video below:

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