Moesha Boduong whining her waist in new video surfaces on social media

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As she had promised a few days ago, actress Moesha Boduong has returned to social media.

She shared a video of herself making seductive movements as a way to mark her return.

One could have assumed that a repentant Moesha would avoid such a sexually suggestive exhibition, but it appears that this is the new Moesha Boduong.

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Miss Boduong performed some erratic dance routines while wearing a red spaghetti top and keeping nothing else veiled from the audience’s view.

Moe recently made an audio announcement to her followers regarding her return to social media after a hiatus.

Additionally, it was claimed that Moesha is in fact OK but is lying about having a mental breakdown to avoid being apprehended.

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Below is a video of Moesha Boduong after she expressed regret.

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