We only took money for fuel – Diana Hamilton on National Cathedral monies

Diana Hamilton photo grid
Diana Hamilton

Gospel musician Diana Hamilton and her management have set the records straight about monies they took after performing at the launch of the Ghana National Cathedral in USA. 

Diana’s management stated that the award-winning gospel singer made no financial demands for her national cathedral charity concert.

“When you say artistes were paid, does it mean that the artist charged or they were appreciated because as far as I know. we didn’t charge.”

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Diana’s manager, David Ennin, justified this in an interview with Metro TV, saying they were given money for “fuel.”

“I think they appreciated us, but that one I can’t disclose the amount], and it was not anything close to any charge. That one we didn’t charge. Diana Hamilton performed, but she didn’t charge. But I quite remember: I think they gave something for what she did.”

This revelation comes after Sonnie Badu, a Ghanaian artist living in the United Kingdom,  reacted quickly to allegations that he received $50,000.

This occurred after a Twitter inquiry prompted the gospel musician to clarify a 5-minute 15-second performance.

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