My boyfriend sleeps with me until I faint – Lady shares

My boyfriend only stops sleeping with me when I faint - Lady shares

A lady has shared a shocking ordeal she is facing in the hands of her boyfriend and wants help from people on what to do.

According to the lady, she has been in an affair with her boyfriend for some years now but the problem is she is being sexually abused by her boyfriend.

Sharing her ordeal, she disclosed that, when ever they are having an intercourse, he boyfriend doesn’t stop entering her until she faints from hours of atopa marathon.

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The unidentified lady revealed that during this marathon with her boyfriend she could be forced to take doggy for over two hours and later change the style to missionary and that would continue for over an hour.

She continued that unless she faints her boyfriend would continue banging her adding that sometime even if she regains consciousness after fainting, her boyfriend still wants to sleep with her.

The lady continued that she is currently jobless and homeless and now living with her boyfriend and its her boyfriend who is taking care of her therefore she is scared of breaking up with him.

Watch the video below:

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