My church failed to support my marriage because my wife isn’t a church member

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Co-founder of the Homeland Group and Nigerian entrepreneur Nelson Nwamara openly talked about the religious difficulties he and his wife faced before getting married because of their differing Christian beliefs.

Despite the support of their families, Nelson, a charismatic Catholic, and his wife, a pastor at a church in Dominion City, faced resistance from church leaders and members.

Their journey was fraught with difficulties, such as Nelson’s wife’s reluctance to tell her pastor about her engagement and a reverend father’s demands that his wife convert to Catholicism prior to their marriage.

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Due to his faith, Nelson faced further challenges when he was referred to as an idol worshipper.

Despite the opposition, the couple—who are now parents to two children—went ahead and got married.

Nelson acknowledges the unwavering support of his wife in his accomplishments, which include co-founding the Homeland Group.

He criticized the church disputes, saying they had left many religious people alone.

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The couple wed in a Catholic church after his wife was forced to leave their church branch because of disagreements.

Wilson emphasized their dedication to harmony and revealed that they are flexible in their place of worship, alternating between the Dominion City and Catholic churches.

Read his full post below:

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