My ex-husband never gave me chop money – Xandy Kamel alleges

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In a troubling video, Xandy Kamel claims that her ex-husband Kaninja never gave her money during their one-year marriage.

She never received a dollar from him, according to Xandy, who is still resentful and hurt over how she was treated like trash during her marriage to the sports broadcaster.

Xandy Kamel stated during an IG live that Kaninja informed her mother that he married her (Xandy Kamel) out of sympathy since it makes sense that no man would settle down with her given her shady past.

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She bemoaned Kaninja’s treatment of her during their marriage, including how he once abandoned her while she was significantly pregnant and in need of help to stay with a married woman.

She was the one who was completely committed to the suicidal affair, according to Xadny Kamel’s account, despite not receiving a penny from Kaninja.

She provided him food, clothing, and even money to spend on personal items, but he never felt grateful for all of her kindness.

Surprisingly, despite the serious accusations Xandy Kamel has made against Kaninja since their divorce, he has remained silent.

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Maybe he will address every concern and accusation in the future or when it is appropriate.

Watch the video below:

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