My husband is allowed to marry 4 wives – Lady

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In a world were research has proven that there are more women than men, a lady has come out to say she is willing to allow her husband get married to four women.

Though the act of polygamy is frowned on by many especially women, this middle-aged woman is of the firm believe that this is what is good for her and thus she supports her husband.

According to the lady identified as Tinuke Vibes, she is not a greedy person to allow her husband to only marry her.

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The lady who is not married in a viral video is heard saying if her husband is not ready to marry four wives, then he should forget about marrying her because she is not interested.

She went on to say that there are more women in the world than men and it would be unfair on her part to just allow her husband to marry only her whiles the other ladies roam about in search of their better half.

Watch the video below:

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