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Star of the Big Brother Naija reality show Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, often known as Doyin, stated that she anticipates her boyfriend forgiving her when she apologises for infidelity.

She said that if one member in a relationship admits cheating and apologises, the couple should go on.

She made this claim in a recent Doyin’s Corner podcast episode featuring singer Iyanya as a guest.

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Doyin said: “I didn’t mean cheating was sweet. But if I open my mouth and tell you that I’ve done this thing, move on. If I apologize after cheating on you, let’s move on.”

When her guest questioned her about how she planned to make amends to her spouse after she cheated, she replied,

“Baby, I’m sorry, I met this really nice looking guy.” Compared to you, he was far nicer, richer, and finer. I made the decision to go ahead. I just wanted to let you know so you know. It does not imply a deeper love for the guy. It simply means I gave in to my desires at that precise moment.

I still love you, though, now that I’m back to my regular senses. Let’s make it work, then.

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She went on to say that she would never be a better person than her ex-boyfriend.

Iyanya, her guest, refuted the numerous accusations of infidelity that numerous women he has dated have made against him lately.

“When a girl dates you and you’re such a lovely guy, she doesn’t want other girls to know. So, I feel like most of the people who come out to say I broke their hearts, don’t want you to know I am such a sweet guy.”

Despite the accusations of him cheating, he begged women to give him more opportunities.

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