Mzbel reveals another shocking dream after her vision on the 2022 World Cup manifested

The Ghanaian singer, Mzbel is embracing her inner goddess to keep people ready for the unexpected.

Mzbel, who is through a spiritual awakening right now, has once more been given a vision, but this time it is exclusive to Ghana only.

According to the dream, Ghana will have a water crisis in the upcoming year, and the circumstance was “so awful.”

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Mzbel claimed she witnessed people battling over meager supplies of water, and those with money even got turned away.

“I just had a dream. There was a water shortage everywhere. Saw people fighting over little amount of water, others offering to pay anything just for a cup of water,” she wrote on her official Instagram handle.

Mzbel’s post on Instagram concerning another strange dream she had

Her 1.2 million followers have been disturbed by her vision since her most recent prophecy came true.

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When Argentina had not yet revealed its starting lineup, Mzbel said that a ghost told her that the Messi-led team would win the world cup.

As promised, Argentina won the championship for the third time since the competition began 92 years ago.

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