Nana Agradaa is disgracing Christians – Nana Romeo


Radio host Nana Romeo has urged the Christian Council of Ghana to promptly summon Nana Agradaa, also known as Evangelist Patricia Asiedua, to order.

Romeo vehemently criticized the Christian Council of Ghana for their lack of concern for Agradaa’s conduct as a Woman of God.

The host thinks Nana Agradaa is defaming Christianity by engaging in immoral behavior in the name of God.

He discussed how Evangelist Patricia disrespects her congregation on live television and uses her platform for a comedy act.

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Christian Council, according to Nana Romeo, cannot deny knowledge of Agradaa’s recent abuses.

The Accra FM Presenter claims that the regulating body is either ineffective or spineless for doing nothing while Agradaa denigrates Christianity in Ghana.

He asked them to act fast to streamline church operations in Ghana, especially those of Agradaa’s Heaven Way Church.

The fundamental mission of the Christian Council of Ghana is to provide leadership for Ghanaian churches.

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Check out the video below:

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