Nautyca speaks on his alleged relationship with Michy despite the numerous attacks and warning he has received

Singer Michy, formerly known as Shatta Michy, and Ghanaian artist Nautyca had a relationship that Nautyca has explained.

He was a guest on Nana Romeo’s Accra 100.5 FM show Entertainment Capital on Saturday, January 14, 2023. He was born Jeffery Kofi Gordor.

Nautyca’s performance was abruptly cut short during the Music Is My Life Concert hosted by Tema-based record company Mimlife on Friday, and he was then ordered to leave the stage so that Shatta Wale could take over.

He claimed that despite being harmed, he complied and knelt down. However, he overheard Shatta Wale on stage calling him disrespectful and a fool who wanted to ruin the joy while he was in his car with his team.

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In response, Nautyca stated candidly in the exclusive Class Media Group (CMG) interview that he has no beef with Shatta Wale and is therefore unaware of the circumstances around the incident.

He also described attempts to trap and injure the Reggae/Dancehall star by members of his camp. He cited the incident involving the rapper Kweku Smoke. He brought up threats received via text message from unknown parties once more.

He was questioned about the possibility that the slurs and threats are the outcome of his friendship with Michy, Shatta Wale’s ex-fiancée.

Michy and Nautyca

In response, Nautyca stated that the reason Shatta Wale was able to jokingly write about Michy on social media and congratulate her was because he is currently working, “rolling with Michy and producing music.”

“So the way everything is going, I think it’s even for him or in his favor,” he continued. “I have never criticized Shatta since I started walking with her [Michy], and I even tell her that we need to record a song [with Shatta].”

Nautyca further mentioned that he often checks Shatta Wale’s Snapchat and that he has observed that when he and his musical partner Michy go to a performance, Shatta Wale compliments her in the app.

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The Tema-based musician claimed that because Michy is doing well, he would mobilize support for her. You [Shatta Wale] might not have posted these things on social media if I hadn’t collaborated with her on music and brought her on stage.

As a guy, Nautyca claimed that he just feels that he is supporting Shatta Wale’s reunion with his ex-fiancée “the way we all we want it. Like how every Ghanaian would like to see it.

After saying this, the rapper firmly urged the Reggae/Dancehall artist to disregard any notions that he intended “to take something from him.”

He also told Shatta Wale that although he had traveled with Michy on multiple occasions, “never have I on any day, had any conversation with her apart from the music.

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At the conclusion of the conversation, Nana Romeo questioned whether anything that has already happened or will in the future be able to ruin the rapper’s relationship with Michy.

Oh my God, no! Nautyca answered right away. “Michy is my best friend,” the speaker said.

He continued, “I feel, it’s a good friend who can tell you stuff like that and I’d do same for her,” citing an incident where the musician and TV personality phoned him to remove a social media post.

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Given everything going on, Romeo persisted and questioned if he was afraid of anything.

“It’s music [we’re doing]. When the studio time calls, we’ll go and do our music but aside from the music, there’s nothing else. We’ll just stay in our corners [but] when the music calls, we’ll do it,” he explained.

Nautyca and Michy have two songs together; the hit ‘Ok’ and ‘Supuu’ are both from 2022.

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