Why do you need a Ghanaian passport right now and not pay huge amount to ‘Goro boys’

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Many people have lost money to people who promise to be able to get them an official passport in a matter of days or hours, often known as the Goro boys.

Obtaining a passport for any citizen should not be stressful, and it should not be used as a means for people to milk each other in order to obtain the passport.

We’ve either had to pay these people large sums of money to promise to get us a passport and then have them lie to us, give us a false passport, or better yet, elope with the money.

This article will explain why you should get your passport now rather than waiting until later.

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What is a Passport?

A passport is a document that allows you to travel from one country to another.

A passport is an official document provided by a government that certifies the holder’s identity and citizenship while also allowing them to travel to and from foreign nations under its protection.

When is it necessary to obtain a passport?

Now. One of the mistakes we make is waiting until the last minute to get a passport before going on a trip, and it is at this point that people frequently lose money.

Many citizens of the country aspire to go outside of the country at least once in their lives. However, they believe that obtaining a Ghanaian passport is costly because they choose to hire middlemen.

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We don’t know when our opportunity to travel outside of the country will present itself, but does it imply you have to sit and wait for it to present itself before getting a passport? NO.

When you wait for that period, you will have to spend extra money on obtaining a passport, and because you are frantic to travel, you may have to pay 10 or 5 times the original sum.

The Ghanaian passport now has a 10-year expiration date. This implies you won’t have to renew your passport for another ten years.

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What is the price of a Ghana passport?

The cost of a Ghanaian passport has been revised, and it now ranges from 100 to 250 Ghanaian cedis, depending on the number of leaves you want in the booklet.

See the price list below:

Passport Price

Who is eligible for a passport:

Everybody (but for children under 18 years would need permission from their parents)


If you want to travel outside of the country, I feel getting a passport now will benefit you more than waiting till the occasion arises and you fall prey to these Goro lads.

You can follow this link to apply for a Ghanaian passport on your own: https://passport.mfa.gov.gh


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