New photos of John Dumelo looking ‘old and fat’ trends on social media

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

After releasing a batch of new images that left fans perplexed, actor John Dumelo has become a big subject on social media.

John Dumelo, who everyone is familiar with, who was formerly youthful, trim, and gorgeous, seems to have vanished and been replaced by an older man with almost recognisable characteristics.

On Tuesday, John posted a series of four images to social media that featured him wearing all-black clothing and dark sunglasses.

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Fans, however, noted that his youth appeared to be past him.

His presence stunned many, who responded in a variety of ways.

See the images below…

According to one fan, his attractiveness has completely vanished – in fact – na ahuof3 no ak) low battery!

The fan wrote: “As3 n’Ahuof3 no k) low battery. Anaa maniso a🙄🙄”

Others blamed ageing whilst others also said it was due to him gaining weight.

“Like a 60yr old Man. Why? Or ebi this recent editing some?” a confused fan wondered, whilst another said: “I mean, if it’s not detrimental to his health , let him keep the weight. People gain weight all the time, nothing to see here 🙄”

Others said he’s now looking like former President, John Dramani Mahama.

Yet another fan blamed it on him shaving his beard.

“Guys wid beard pls keep ur beard,,God knows y He gave u dat,,we dnt want any horror movie😂,” another netizen opined.

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