News about Patapaa’s alleged divorce with his Obroni wife false – Father

Patapaa and Liha Miller
Patapaa and Liha Miller

Patapaa Amisty, a Swedru-based hiphop artist, made news yesterday after allegations went viral on the internet that he had split up with his German wife Liha Miller.

Many Ghanaians were taken aback by the revelation, which came as a complete shock given the constant lovey-dovey moments Patapaa and Liha share on social media.

Among the rumors, some social media users speculated that the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker is still married to his wife and hasn’t filed for divorce yet, but is using the false tale to promote his song “Glass Nkoaa.”

Surprisingly, Patapaa and Liha have been silent about the drama since it first gained traction on the internet roughly 24 hours ago.

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In an exclusive interview with ADOM FM, Patapaa’s father, Mr Kwesi Amoah, debunked the divorce rumors.

Mr Kwesi Amoah claims that his son is still legally married to Liha and that they are quite happy, so he finds it humorous that some unscrupulous people have opted to spread false information about them on their social media accounts.

After vehemently dismissing the allegation in the final minutes of the interview, Mr Kwesi went on to say that if his son divorces, he will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, Liha has been out of the country for four months, according to reports, and there are multiple recordings of her chilling without Patapaa.

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