I had one boyfriend who was chopping my daily – Shugatiti

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Shugatiti, a socialite from Ghana, has spoken up about her connection with her boyfriend, who she claims lied about their relationship status in order to continue having sex with her.

Shugatiti admitted that she had unintentionally become her boyfriend’s “top-up” in an interview.

Shugatiti explained that, with the exception of her period, she had a committed sexual relationship with the man and had daily sex with him.

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But until she spotted a photo of Adwoa on her boyfriend’s laptop and asked him about it, she was ignorant that he had a girlfriend, whom she decided to call Adwoa.

“One day, I found out that the wallpaper on his laptop was a picture of Adwoa, so I asked him about it. He told me that Adwoa was his ex-girlfriend, but I was confused because he had previously said he didn’t have a girlfriend,” Shugatiti disclosed.

One weekend, her boyfriend apologised and let her know he was sick before hanging up the phone and dialling his friend’s number.

That evening, she dialled his friend’s number out of worry and desperation, but Adwoa answered.

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“As a concerned girlfriend, I called his number that night, but it was off. So, I called his friend’s line, and to my surprise, it was Adwoa who picked up,” Shugatiti added.

In the dialogue that followed, Shugatiti learned that Adwoa was not his ex-girlfriend as she had been lead to think. She was in a state of shock, denial, and a rollercoaster of emotions.

Adwoa disclosed to Shugatiti during their talk that she paid her partner 500 cedis every day in support while he only gave her 200.

Adwoa added that the amount of money the man usually paid her was in the 20–30 cedi range.

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“When I asked Adwoa if she was indeed Adwoa, she confirmed it. I then told her that the guy had told me about her and claimed she was his ex-girlfriend. She denied it,” Shugatiti shared.

Adwoa further explained that their relationship lacked physical intimacy, which ultimately led him to seek a connection with Shugatiti, who was willing to engage in daily sexual activities.

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