Orphanage home allegedly chases Afia Schwarzenegger for Pena

Afia Schwer poses with Pena
Afia Schwarzenegger and Pena

Controversial presenter Afia Schwarzenegger if per the information in town is true might in the coming days say goodbye to her adopted daughter Adiepena Geiling Amankona known to many as Pena. 

According to the information in town, the orphanage home which gave Afia Schwarzenegger the green light to adopt Pena have filed for her to be returned to them.

This allegation was made by a Tik Tok user in a video and explains that the orphanage after everything sees Afia Schwarzenegger as a bad example for the young girl hence the decision to take her bad.

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In the presence of Pena, Afia Schwarzenegger is said to smoke and misuse narcotic drugs like marijuana, as well as drink alcoholic beverages – a cause why she could lose custody of the girl.

Another reason for the orphanage’s determination to take action against Afia, she says, is Nana Tornado’s gay rumor about one of her twin sons, James.

Watch the video below:

Afia Schwar is yet to respond to this wild allegation by the unknown netizen.

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