I’ll pay any man who agrees marries me $15k a month – Woman seeking marriage

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A woman who is desperate to settle down with a man has promised to pay the man who finally decides to marry her a monthly allowance of Ghc90,000 equivalent to $15,000 every month. 

According to the woman, despite the fact the she is in desperate need of a husband, she has some nine basic condition for the man to follow and failure to follow or stick with those condition means the marriage can’t hold.

In a post sighted on social media, some of the conditions including not answering any call from any lady except that lady is a family member and known to her.

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Read the conditions below:

Woman money
Woman money

6. Apart from appeals from relatives and relations, no other lady’s call must be answered. It is not allowed to say that “she’s a pal.

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7. Before a baby arrives to live with us, most probably our children have reached the youthful age and any babysitter that comes to live with us must be an old lady and I will be the one to select who it is.”

8. You don’t try to tell our private lives about your friends, family, and well-wishers; it should be a secret between us.”

9. None of your companions shall under any circumstances spend the night in our house; this is no place for burial.”

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