It’s people without good taste who say am ugly – Lydia Forson

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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Lydia Forson, an actress, claims that people who call her unattractive never bother her.

She believes in her beauty and believes that any guy or woman who does not notice it clearly has a problem with taste.

She revealed this after a follower stated she was ugly in person and that her social media photographs had fooled him.

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She responded: “Lol. I will never understand how people think calling me ugly will hurt me. I mean not everyone has good taste, so why would your poor taste hurt me?”.

Lydia Forson has come under fire from social media users over the years for her campaigning, which has stepped on the toes of some of the country’s most powerful people.

Regardless of the regime in power, she has continued to fight for residents’ rights to a good life.


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