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Power Book III: Raising Kanan’:Fans believe Jukebox’s mother will die in season 2

Power Book III: Raising Kanan is centered on Kanan Stark (Mekai Curtis). The show also tells the story of his family, though. The coming-of-age tale of Kanan’s cousin Jukebox (Hailey Kilgrove) also plays a significant role in the story.

Similar to Kanan, she has been affected by her estranged father, Marvin, and her aunt Raquel “Raq” Thomas (Patina Miller), a drug kingpin (London Brown).


Kenya, the mother of Jukebox (LeToya Luckett), is about to re-enter Jukebox’s life. But we believe a bad outcome is in store.
The second season of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” will introduce Jukebox’s mother.

Raising Kanan’s second season will premiere on August 14 and promises to be, to put it mildly, intriguing. Kenya, Jukebox’s mother, will finally make an appearance in the series. Kenya allegedly left Jukebox to become a New York Knicks groupie and wannabe singer before relocating to Los Angeles, according to Lou Lou. She seemed to have returned to New York City some time ago, though.


Kenya, Jukebox’s mother and Marvin’s former love interest, will be portrayed by Lucytte, per a Starz press release. She went away from their family when Jukebox was very young and tried to succeed as a singer in LA before returning to New York three years later. She relocates to Harlem upon her return, where church plays a significant role in her life.

In season 2, Jukebox’s mother might be murdered.


Jukebox was much more scary than Kanan when we first met her in Power. She was a remorseless murderer and thief who worked for the NYPD. In fact, despite being violent and unpredictable in his own right, Kanan frequently submitted to the demands of his cousin.

Jukebox is not at all like the woman we would later get to know in Raising Kanan. Some fans, meanwhile, are certain that she’ll change because of something significant. In season 1, she had previously seen her girlfriend Nicole die. Fans anticipate that Jukebox’s mother will pass away in season 2, permanently hardening her heart to stone.


Although this is a family narrative, one Redditor said through Express, “I’m excited to potentially relate to everything that is occurring in this story because it’s really about feeling, emotion, and love.” Environment, choices, and the effects they have on a person are all important.
Season 2 of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” will have a lot of fresh information.

Kanan and Jukebox will suffer as Raq strives to maintain her dominance as New York’s top narcotics dealer. Additionally, it appears that Raq’s hold on her brothers Marvin and Lou Lou (Malcolm Mays) is slipping this season. Season 2 of Raising Kanan is scheduled to debut with a lot of fresh information.


According to Curtis, “season two is the continuation of season one in terms of the explosiveness.” “A lot of new information will be disclosed, and every character involved will experience a lot of new emotions and a new understanding of who they are. The journey will be quite intriguing.



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