Prince Tagoe remanded in police custody until 2023

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Former Blackstars player Prince Tagoe has been remanded by a court until 2023 for allegedly scamming assistant coach of Ghana Black Stars.

Prince Tagoe from what we gathered is accused to have scammed Ghana Black Stars assistant coach George Boateng of $40,000.

According to the information, Prince Tagoe allegedly told George Boateng that he’s into car importation and he contracted him to import a car for him.

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Prince Tagoe is said to have received $40,000 from George Boateng on January 8, 2021, to purchase a 44 Lexus that he may use anytime he is in Ghana.

The assistant coach of the Ghana Black Stars claims that Prince Tagoe has not kept his end of the bargain and has not given him his $40,000 back.

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